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Inspired by the fashion abundance of European living, Spa Carte Blanche Haute Coiffure is an upscale destination salon and spa offering the finest quality service. We only employ experienced, creative artists that train extensively in setting their own trends in order to create a long lasting relationship with you.

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Get the absolute best tan at Ottawa's premier tanning studio - only at Carte Blanche.

  • Tan faster
  • Tan safer with UVA
  • Get a long lasting tan
  • Widest beds for a comfortable tan
  • State of the art spray tanning
  • Enjoy music with personal volume control
  • Take your time preping - up to 8 min
  • Beds maintained regularly - new bulbs every 12 months


The TRX-52 features:

  • 4% UVB & 96% UVA, 160 Watts
  • 52 Lamps lay down bed without facials
  • Beginner bed
  • 10 Minutes Max.
  • Ergonomic shape has been proved to reduce stress and increase blood flow producing the highest color production.


The Vector features:

  • 3.4% UVB & 96.6% UVA, 200 Watts
  • 64 Lamps lay down bed, with 3 facials at 500 watts each
  • Better coverage, instant color
  • 10 Minutes Max.


The Beam Up features:

  • 3.4% UVB & 96.6% UVA, 200 Watts
  • 55 Long lamps for better shoulder and ankle tanning
  • Unique floor-mounted focused 600 watts quarts lamp to tan user’s inner legs and thighs.
  • Large inner tanning area with 31" diameter space for the user
  • 18" downdraft cooling fan
  • Double Doors open to outside for easier entry and exit
  • 10 Minutes Max.


The Convex features:

  • 1.2% UVB & 98.8% UVA, 500 Watts
  • 39 Quartz Lamps
  • 7 rows of lamps for uniform tanning
  • Non Burning bed
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Convex acrylic allow user’s arms to lay lower and away from the body permitting better tanning on the sides of the body.
  • High Pressure bed - Less UVB More UVA results in a deeper, longer lasting tan.
  • 10 Minutes Max.

Versa Spa Spray Tan

Versa Spa can carry up to 3 distinct, advanced, skin care solutions:

  • Primer Prep Solution
  • Sunless Tanning Solution, Available In 3 Levels {Light, Medium, Dark}
  • Anti-Aging, Skin Firming Moisturizer Solution

Versa Spa’s Comfort-Dry Technology blows soft, refreshing air immediately after each treatment. The benefits of the Comfort-Dry Technology include:

  • Securing each formula application
  • No ‘buffing’ or toweling off after session
  • Able to get dressed immediately after exiting the Versa Spa

The voice automation feature guides users through their choice of sessions and results in a more relaxed, comfortable experience.

Powered by Infrared Technology, the Versa Spa Skincare System enhances our customers experience by wrapping them in a warm glow of rejuvenating infrared heat.